Bits and Pieces

tinkering and engineering

A guide on how to cross compile Zephyr OS for RISC-V on MacOS running OSX Mojave. You will be using precompiled tools and a custom Zephyr OS toolchain.

An audio receiver with support for Bluetooth (A2DP), AirPlay, and UPnP that visualizes the spectrum on a LED cube.

The setup is based on a Raspberry Pi running Raspbian Stretch as a headless audio sink and an Arduino used to control an RGB LED cube. This will allow your phone, laptop or any other device to play audio wirelessly while having the audio spectrum visualized on the LEDs.

A retro gaming console running on a Raspberry Pi inside an old TV case.

I bought an old TV from eBay and replaced the CRT inside the case with a LCD screen. I then connected a Raspberry Pi and installed Recalbox.

My smart bathroom mirror based on MagicMirror². My goal was to create a thin, good looking mirror with following features:

  • Current time
  • Weather forecast
  • Internet radio player
  • Motion sensor to put the mirror on standby
  • Low power consumption

An industrial-style shelf made out of pipes and wood.